Friday, June 12, 2009

[Alarmist] Matthew Yglesias » Paying the Price for Climate Change is Unavoidable
...suddenly climate and energy weren’t Obama’s number one priority anymore, health care was. Nancy Pelosi seems to have undertaken the same conversion at a somewhat slower pace. And without meaning to slight the health care issue at all, this is on the merits a perverse way to triage the issues—a good health care bill in 2013 and a good climate bill in 2009 would be a hundred times better for the world than a good health care bill in 2009 and a good climate bill in 2013. I think even hard-core health care people would admit as much.
...even as the public has shifted left on almost everything, they’re shifting right on the environment:
In case you missed it - May 13, 2009 | Climate Change Deniers Appointed to Top Boards
OTTAWA--In another behind the scenes attack on science, the Conservative government has appointed well-known climate change deniers to key funding agency positions, setting the stage for shutting down much needed research in Canada. "I am unfortunately not surprised by this newest outrage," said Elizabeth May, Leader of Canada’s Greens. "This Conservative government has displayed itself to be anti-science. We are losing our top researchers to the United States and other countries where the urgent need for research on climate change is recognized."

The Fraser Institute's Mark Mullins, a critic of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has been appointed to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), joining mathematician Christopher Essex, who calls climate change a myth. Another climate change denier, Harper's former chief of staff John Weissenberger (who works for Husky Energy in Alberta) was appointed to the board of the Canada Foundation for Innovation. These two funding agencies are a significant source of research monies for academic work on climate change. "The very fact that these appointees refuse to acknowledge the scientific consensus surrounding climate change calls into question their competency to sit on these funding boards," said Lisa Fox, Environment Critic for the Greens. "Credibility in the scientific community should be an important qualification for deciding which academic studies will be funded."
Fiber Arctic: Seattle Fiber Artists in Stitches Over Global Warming : TreeHugger
Seattleites are in for a luscious, though-provoking treat: Tomorrow marks the opening of "Fiber Arctic," a group installation featuring 20 fiber artists pondering climate change and the way it's reshaping the Arctic landscape.
Global Warming Consensus Melts
In Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, he assures the public that the "[global warming] debate in the scientific community is over." The Heartland Institute disagrees. On June 2nd, 2009 the Institute hosted its Third International Conference on Climate Change, touting an impressive speakers list that included scientists, economists, and politicians. Their stated mission was to challenge the "consensus" on global warming.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! The green movement died with the arrival of the recession, as it always does. Elizabeth May will have to go get a real job and work for once. The public is now awake to the fraud that is AGW, and you can kiss Cap&Trade goodbye. The last klutzes still selling Global Warming is Peter Mansbridge and others of the CBC ilk. It’s over folks, let’s move on. By the way, I am so going to rub this hoax in the faces of my fellow environmentalists. I will enjoy this.