Thursday, June 25, 2009

More complete BS from alarmists: Global warming caused Greenland snow to be a lot thicker than expected?

Global warming plays its part in hampering Greenland trek » News » This Is Guernsey
TWO Greenland adventurers say the effects of global warming definitely hampered their expedition.

Steve Wright and Simon Elmont arrived back in the island last month after their expedition was cut short due to Mr Elmont sustaining an ankle injury.

Mr Wright, from Alderney, told pupils at Melrose School yesterday that because of global warming the snow had been a lot thicker and had made the trek a lot harder.

‘When we arrived we were told that this was a global warming year,’ he said.

‘The temperature was a lot warmer than we were expecting.

‘When it’s very cold it doesn’t snow, so because it was warmer we were experiencing a lot of heavy snow.

‘This meant we had to plough through rather then just pulling our sledge along the ice.’

The temperature was around -2C, whereas it normally would have been -15.


Anonymous said...

The only thing CO2 can scientifically cause is warming, so all the things blamed on CO2, such as snowstorms, hurricanes, sealevels rising, etc. would have to be somehow traced back to a fraction of a degree of warming in hundreds of years time - an impossibility.

So their trick is to say CO2 causes climate change (true because warming is a form of climate change) and climate change (completely unrelated things: hurricanes, extreme freeze, floodind) can be catastrophic and should be of great concern.

CharlesVegas said...

It's child abuse. I'm sick of it.

David Appell said...

Warming means more evaporation -- right?

So where is that evaporated water supposed to go?