Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pelosi's pride: Global warming swindle bill passed in spite of voters "jamming the lines" in protest

Obama implores Senate to pass climate bill - Yahoo! News
"We passed transformational legislation, which will take us into the future," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., after the 219-212 vote.

"For some it was a very difficult vote because the entrenched agents of the status quo were out there full force, jamming the lines in their districts and here, and they withstood that," Pelosi said.


Robert of Ottawa said...

...the entrenched agents of the status quo ... ???

Oh, I get it; she means the people, the voters

Anonymous said...

I think it was Dr Fred Singer who called Pelosi the most stupid woman he had ever met. Vote her out! Return to democracy!

Anonymous said...

I am FURIOUS that Pelosi would say this. I am not the least bit interested in the status quo, but I believe that this legislation, the single largest tax increase in American history, is inappropriate and deeply flawed.

Pelosi had better wake. Even the voters in San Francisco will not remain stupid enough to re-elect her much longer!