Saturday, June 27, 2009

Investor's Business Daily -- Carbongate
Climate Change: A suppressed EPA study says old U.N. data ignore the decline in global temperatures and other inconvenient truths. Was the report kept under wraps to influence the vote on the cap-and-trade bill?
This was supposed to be the most transparent administration ever. Yet as the House of Representatives prepared to vote on the Waxman-Markey bill, the largest tax increase in U.S. history on 100% of Americans, an attempt was made to suppress a study shredding supporters' arguments.
Left-wing economist Paul Krugman weighs in: Temperature trends -
The fitted line in the figure is a 3rd-degree polynomial, but any sort of smoothing would tell you that there is a massive upward trend.

Of course, trend-spotting is no substitute for causal modeling; and the models are getting truly scary in their implications.
Mother Lode Congressional Leaders Speak Out Against Cap And Trade-
Washington, CA -- While a cap and trade climate change bill narrowly passed in the U.S. House Friday, it was adamantly opposed by 19th District Representative George Radanovich and 3rd District Representative Dan Lungren.

“I rise in strong opposition to the global ‘cap and tax’ bill that is on the floor today,” Radanovich stated on the House floor. “We don’t have to look any further than my own beloved state of California to see environmental alarmism at its worst. California has adopted its own renewable energy standard and carbon cap and trade scheme, and it is killing businesses and driving people out of the state in record numbers.”

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Anonymous said...

notice how Krugman cherry picks his data sets and compares the gains against the 1951-80 era, which was very cold ?

Nobody can make Stats lie like a Believer.