Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Say My Name - Watts Remix « Climate Audit
They seem to have adopted the Team tactic (Hansen in particular) of refusing to even speak the name of critics.
What the frak is going on with the Cap and Trade bill? — Sunlight Foundation Blog
And that isn’t even the worst part. This, apparently, isn’t even the final bill. The final bill will be a manager’s amendment that will be drafted later this week! From a posting on the House Rules Committee, we know that the deadline to submit amendments is Thursday at 9:30am. And there is talk that this will be voted on on Friday. Thus, the final version of this bill will likely only be available for less than 24 hours.
["Clever" Revkin: Strongly suggest that droughts are caused by carbon dioxide, but slip the truth in there too:] A Diaspora From African Drylands - Dot Earth Blog -
In many studies projecting impacts from global warming, societal responses are depicted through data crunching and modeling. This article provides a vivid up-close portrait of adaptation in action. It’s well worth the read.

One way or another, expect a lot more stories like Mr. Yiryel’s in Africa, where demographers expect an additional one billion people by midcentury and science has revealed patterns of withering drought, with or without global warming.

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