Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Something stinks | Herald Sun
EARTH to Barack Obama: Carbon dioxide is not the new asbestos. It's not even the old asbestos.
Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong's totally false and deliberately misleading "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme" is nothing less than a disgraceful fraud which the media to its utter and almost total shame has allowed them to get away with.

But it almost pales in comparison with what Barack Obama had to say at his press conference yesterday. The relevant quote is at the right.

That a political leader could say something so stupid and so fundamentally false almost defies comprehension. Although depressingly, perhaps not, given the Kevin and Penny falsehoods.

It's important to understand that this wasn't an off-the-cuff comment. It came in Obama's prepared comments. That the emissions "contaminate the water we drink and pollute the air we breathe."
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Go for it, Donks; we want very much for you to commit political suicide, and this will do the trick very nicely.

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