Monday, July 20, 2009

Cap and Traitor | The Real Revo
I really despise the term “speaking truth to power.” If it ever was a useful phrase, it was drained of its meaning by moonbats using it to describe their babbling to no one. It just oozes Code Pink silly self importance. Nevertheless, it is pretty much what is going on in this video. In an act of economic treachery, Delaware Republican Representative Mike Castle voted with Democrats on the abomination that is cap and trade. A few days later his constituents tell him how they feel about his vote. I don’t know what sort of deal Castle made with the Democrats in return for his vote, but it wasn’t in the interest of those he represents.

America needs more of this. Much, much more.
Twitter / NH3MAN: One thing I can say with a ...
One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that Man Made Global Warming is a Liberal religion with no fact.
Insufficient Forcing Uncertainty « Watts Up With That?
It seems depending on who you talk to, climate sensitivity is either underestimated or overestimated. In this case, a model suggests forcing is underestimated. One thing is clear, science does not yet know for certain what the true climate sensitivity to CO2 forcings is.
Barack Obama feels the heat, changes the play - Ben Smith -
“It’s the third quarter, he’s down by a point, and he’s got his best player on the bench – what really is going to be important is the fall,” said James Carville, the veteran Democratic observer.

“If he gets what’s perceived to be some kind of a major health care thing, gets the climate bill through, if the economy recovers, then we’ll all say he had a hell of a summer. Conversely, if the thing falls apart, we’ll say that by July the 19th we could tell the thing was going bad."
Wrangling votes for the “cap and trade” legislation in the House, Obama backed off a campaign promise to auction off all “allowances” – permits to release a set amount of greenhouse gases. Instead of selling them to raise money for other environmental initiatives, the White House allowed congressional Democratic leaders to trade them for votes, assigning allowances to the refinery-heavy district of, for instance, Texas Rep. Gene Green in exchange for his support.

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