Monday, August 03, 2009

Krauthammer's Take - NRO Staff - The Corner on National Review Online
However, even if you accept it, the liberals in Congress cannot do anything without at least one human sacrifice in the name of the Earth God. And that is that ["cash for clunkers"] requires, in the name of global warming—on which it will have no effect anyway—that all of the clunkers are destroyed in two days and turned into scrap.

You cannot resell it as a used car or use its parts, which means that if you are poor or young or an immigrant starting out and want a starter car, a secondhand car, they will be scarcer and the parts will be scarcer, which means the prices will be higher. And that will be imposed by a liberal in Congress who drives to Capitol Hill in his Lexus with air-conditioning and self-parking mechanism.
You teach the science of global warming, and we’ll help you inspire change! Empower your students with simple ways they can all help the environment and transform the way they look at the wasteful things they do everyday.
WILLIAM CALVIN: Neuroscientist: [If we waste too much time thinking, carbon dioxide will kill us!]
Climate will change our ways of doing science, making some areas more like medicine with its combination of science and interventional activism, where delay to resolve uncertainties is often not an option. Few scientists are trained to think this way — and certainly not climate scientists, who are having to improvise as the window of interventional opportunity shrinks.

Climate will, at times, force a hiatus on doing science as usual, much like what happened during World War II when many academics laid aside their usual teaching and research interests to intensively focus on the war effort.
Finally, climate's challenges will change our perspective on the future. Long-term thinking can be dangerous if it causes us to neglect the short term hazards. A mid-century plan for emissions reduction will be worthless if the Amazon rain forest burns down during the next El Niño.

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