Monday, August 03, 2009

Because they don't buy into Obama's climate scam, economist Barry Flinchbaugh disses American farmers

Economist Barry Flinchbaugh Talks Ag
...And the question is global warming a hoax is a stupid question because the political system worldwide has decided that its for real and things are going to happen.
At the 1:28 mark in this MP3, Flinchbaugh says:
I think our big problem with climate change, frankly, is that farmers think its a hoax, and they think they can beat it.
Don't American farmers spend a considerable amount of time outside, and aren't they generally very interested in the effects of weather on their businesses?

Why don't they believe in the climate scam?  Is Exxon secretly paying farmers not to believe?


interglacial john said...

yes farmers do spend alot of time outside and MUST pay attention to climate conditions, their very livelyhood depends on it. what farmers are seeing is a natural cycle, they see the fields cooling. farmers know a warming planet is not a disaster. they know cooling could be disastrous because of the crop failures that would accompany a serious cool down. economists, however, do not spend their days outside and do not depend on mother nature for their incomes. i would trust a farmers opinion on weather and climate over any economist you can find. economists and politicians need to remember they are not scientists and that their food supply depends on farmers.

Anonymous said...

farmers understand how crazy it is to try to control the weather! they know the weather controls us, not the other way around. city dwellers who spend 90% of their time near other people and near cars and other man made objects might fall for the illusion that mankind is occupying every spot on earth and has such massive power, when in fact we're like an ant colony in a giant forest