Monday, August 03, 2009

Of Cesspools and Recesses - Chris Horner - Planet Gore on National Review Online
This cap-and-trade enterprise now being considered by senators stinks to high heaven. While the interplay between two concurrent blockbusters — health care "reform" and an enormous energy tax — remains to be worked out, I suspect voters will turn up the August heat, making the odor so foul that the Senate will decide that it just can't fit in a vote, what with all of these recesses to consider. At which point, my early predictions of Sorry you took that risky vote, House, but this is BTU Redux will prove prescient. CEOs like the one I encountered ought to realize victory is the only option, and it begins but certainly does not end in the Senate.
New record low price of 15 cents - A cap and trade system for emissions trading to be established before midnight ET on 31 Dec 2009

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