Friday, September 18, 2009

[Another dubious UN claim: Global warming allegedly making Hudson Bay polar bears hungry]
Despite a decline in the overall number of polar bears in West Hudson Bay, Canada, incidents where hungry bears threaten humans are on the rise. Global warming is to blame.
August '09: Cold summer means thick sea ice, healthier Hudson Bay polar bears - Yahoo! Canada News
WINNIPEG - A cold summer in many areas of the country may have meant fewer barbecues and camping trips this year, but lower temperatures have been a boon for the beleaguered Hudson Bay polar bears.

Experts say the summer sea ice has lasted longer than it has in years, which has given the region's more than 1,000 bears extra time to hunt, feed and raise healthy cubs.

One scout captured a picture of a mother with three strapping youngsters - a rare sight that has heartened those who are fighting what they say is the probable extinction of the iconic mammal.
Polar Bears International - Bear Facts
In Churchill's early days, any bears that wandered through the town were shot as food for sled dogs.

During World War II, an air base was built eight miles east of Churchill. Polar bear skins were highly prized at the time. Servicemen hoped to bag a bear and ship the trophy home.

Today, most Churchill residents are fond of their polar bears, despite occasional damage.

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