Friday, September 18, 2009

The marginal cost of humanity for global warming
Al Gore, James Hansen, George Monbiot of the Guardian, all the premier advocates of drastic change to combat global warming, have some kind of deafness--a deafness of the heart. It's why they are getting their posteriors kicked in public debate and policy discussions.
Washington Plays ‘Absurd’ MPG Numbers Game - Henry Payne - Planet Gore on National Review Online
...“All of this means,” continues the respected auto monthly, “that the anticipated $1,300 price increase per vehicle quoted by the Obama administration is absurd.”

Absurd. Which is what General Motors used to say before it became Government Motors.
Hot Air » Blog Archive » Cap-and-trade will take 3.5% off of GDP by 2050
In other words, we’re about to impose a policy that curtails growth, creates serious employment problems, and hammers the middle class on wages and spending power. For what? To appease the environmental lobby over a hypothesis that the last ten years has all but disproven.

Do Americans want to pay this kind of price to surrender to climate-change hysteria?
[If we get these ridiculous calculations right, will the weather improve?]: Hate Calculus? Try Counting Cow Carbon -
The U.S. dairy industry is updating its own study, and the new version uses a more-complicated calculation preferred by the International Organization for Standardization. It seeks essentially to look inside the cow, separating the portion of the animal's biological functions that go to producing milk from the portion that go to producing the cow itself. Those functions include the cow's eating, burping, flatulence and waste.

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