Sunday, October 25, 2009

ABC all upset at poll showing huge drop in global warming believers
Not to be the master of the obvious here, but it is going to be hard to convince people that the earth is warming . . . when it is not.
Alex Renton | Fewer British babies would mean a fairer planet  | The Observer
But how do you reduce population in countries where women's rights are already achieved and birth-control methods are freely available? Could children perhaps become part of an adult's personal carbon allowance? Could you offer rewards: have one child only and you may fly to Florida once a year?

After all, based on current emissions and life expectancy, one less British child would permit some 30 women in sub-Saharan Africa to have a baby and still leave the planet a cleaner place.
Radical Environmentalism: Justifying a Chinese Style Population Control Tyranny
Progressive liberalism used to be about freedom and equality. Increasingly it is about Utopian hysteria and undemocratic control. Perhaps, there’s a spot for this guy among the Obama policy czars.
President Obama in campaign mode for Florida trip - Carol E. Lee -
President Barack Obama's two-day visit to Florida beginning Monday marks his first personal outreach to Democrats there heading into 2010 and indicates how determined his White House is to compete for the state in 2012.
Crist further tried to distance himself from Obama last week when the trip was announced, telling a Florida reporter, “I don't even know what day he's coming.”

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