Monday, October 26, 2009

Sen. Barbara Boxer [continues her blatant promotion of the greatest scientific fraud in human history]
Whether or not it was caused or worsened by climate change, the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina provide a window into the kind of world we can expect if global warming continues unabated.
We are at a crossroads. We can choose a future in which we face the ravages - and the costs -- of unchecked global warming, while other nations gain the jobs and the economic benefits of investing in clean energy technologies. Or we can act now to transform our economy, create millions of new American jobs, and lead the world in developing and exporting in clean energy technologies while protecting our children from dangerous pollution.

Comprehensive clean energy legislation like the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act that Senator Kerry and I have introduced in the Senate is not only the right choice to transform our economy, create jobs, and make America more secure. It is also our most effective insurance policy against a dangerous future.
Vancouver: Thousands rally for action on climate change
But Cassandra Ly, a Grade 11 student who led the charge for the Grade 8 to 12 students from Windermere, said she wasn't so much concerned about political messages as about what she and everyone else can do in their daily lives to help.

"Turning off a light or just putting on a sweater because the cold weather is coming helps," she said.
George Monbiot on China and climate change | Greenpeace China
Beijing, China — China would be a lot more proactive on climate change if the West stepped up and took their share of the burden, British journalist and environmentalist George Monbiot tells Greenpeace China.
The Climate Change Slap – [CO2-phobic teacher allegedly not CO2-phobic enough]
“I worry about the kids,” I said. “They are really going to suffer because of climate change.”

The teacher responded with an uncomfortable look and said, “It’s not these kids so much, but their kids, who will really have to worry about it.”

The evidence suggests to me that this is wrong.

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