Thursday, October 22, 2009

C3: Are Chinese Researchers Besting NASA/EU Climate Scientists On Global Cooling? Recent Satellite Research Confirms Chinese Predictions
Read here and here. The left/liberal climate scientists and Western climate agencies are so committed to the myopic human CO2-view of global warming, despite a decade plus of global cooling, that they are incapable of seeing the climate forest from the CO2-trees. Recent satellite data analysis is confirming that non-Occidental climate science now appears in ascendancy.
[Run for the hills!]: Russian tundra getting greener - BarentsObserver
New research has uncovered a significant clue in solving one of the lingering mysteries in climate change: what is causing the significant increase in Arctic tundra productivity detected by satellites since the early 1980s?
Andrew Glikson: 350 PPM CO2 [allegedly] THE UPPER LIMIT OF HUMAN HABITATS
Sharp decline in CO2 34 million years ago and 15 million years ago to below 500 ppm has resulted in the development of the Antarctic ice sheet. About 2.8 million years ago a further decline in CO2 resulted in formation of the Greenland ice sheet and Arctic Sea ice. Nigeria: Opec Calls For Concerted Action on Climate Change
Lagos — The Secretary General of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), His Excellency Abdalla El-Badri, has called on Nigeria and other OPEC member countries to work together to ensure that the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change is sustained.

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