Tuesday, November 17, 2009

About "Our Choice"

On a page by itself, we find this inside the front cover of Al Gore's latest climate fraud promotion book:
I'm offering you the choice of life or death. You can choose either blessings or curses.
--Deuteronomy Chapter 30, Verse 19
Let's imagine that a Republican former vice president (say Dan Quayle or Dick Cheney) authored a similar book telling us that apocalypse was at hand unless we shoveled massive amounts of public money toward companies they've heavily invested in. Let's say the Republican-authored book also prominently featured the Bible verse above, suggesting that Quayle or Cheney was offering the reader the choice between life of death.

In the scenario above, would the mainstream media give Quayle or Cheney with the same respect and free book promotion airtime that Gore has received in recent weeks?

Amazon.com: Our Choice: Review by Al Gore's business partner John Doerr
My daughter said "Dad, your generation created this problem. You'd better fix it." Our Choice is the Field Guide to fixing the climate crisis, a set of solutions worthy of your consideration.

Read this book. If you must, burn (and sequester) the others. And recycle the rest!

When mankind confronts and conquers the climate crisis it will be because one man made Our Choice clear.
2007: YouTube - John Doerr cries
At the end of the Kleiner Perkins partner's presentation at TED, about the perils of climate change, he chokes up.
Update: Also see Gore's alarmist book cover here.


Bob Ashworth said...

I see why Al Gore didn't finish Divinity School. When he got to the teaching where it said always tell the truth, he couldn't abide by that one. He is involved in the largest worldwide scam ever. He separated the Vostok ice core data line graphs in his "Inconvenient Truth" documentary so you couldn't tell whether an increase in temperature or increase in CO2 came first. He said it was an increase in CO2 but it was just the opposite. Scientist NO, Charlatan, YES!

XtnYoda said...

Great post... but unbelievable hubris on Gore's part... really unbelievable.

Had to post it!

Ira said...

If Dan Quayle wrote a book calling for the kind of enviro-socialism that AlGore is shilling for, much of the mainstream news media would be singing his praises for his sudden brilliance. Think of what the media did with David Brock when he jumped to the left.