Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More on Al Gore's climate fraud promotion book "Our Choice"

The cover includes two pictures: The earth as we know it today shows a beautiful green North America (left picture below).

The second picture is an "artist's rendering of an earth where unchecked global warming has wreaked havoc". (right picture below).

In the picture at right, much of Florida, Baja California, Central America, Cuba etc seems to be missing. Look at the massive simultaneous storms! Most of the continental US looks parched brown, while some looks reddish orange!!

Gore should be rewarded with an orange jump suit "perp walk" for climate scam promotions such as this book.


Doug Plumb said...

The ting us skeptics or deniers need to start asserting is that CO2 is not a major greenhouse gas. It has a very small barely measureable affect on the atmosphere greenhouse behaviour. We can reference "Global Warming or Global Governance", a free movie on Google.

Also ask the question:

Do you think the deniers have a scorched earth policy ? that they areworking with the oil companies to help ensure that 90 % of the earth surface gets covered in water ?

Or do you think that the CO2 AGW hypothesis is just a tax grab for the establishment ?

With 32,000 scientists, over 9000 PhD's on petetionproject.org saying global warming is A SCAM, its got to be one or the other.

Us activists really need to be on the web discusssion groups - it seems thats where the establishment is winning and most people believe the AGW hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

if anything, we should ban dihydrogen monoxide! that's the REAL killer! it's already infiltrated 70% of our bodies!

Unknown said...

Ok...just a few things wrong with the picture on the right. The storm in the Atlantic is rotating the wrong way. For Cuba to be totally submerged the sea level would have to rise almost 6000 feet. Polar ice caps are gone yet Greenland still has ice on it. Finally hurricanes cannot develop on or near the equator as they have depicted. It saddens me to see what's happening to this great country.

Cargosquid said...

And the east coast gets a great amount of rain from hurricanes. More hurricanes = less drought for the Southeast.

He has it all brown.

Can't have it both ways.

But, we are talking about a man that thinks the center of the Earth is "millions of degrees" hot.

Guess that's where the global warming is coming from......

Anonymous said...

Al Gore should be jailed or exiled. His complete lies for the purpose of self gain is in-excusable and if we were in a a true marxist state like Obama wants he would probably be executed.

His mis truths are never questioned, his investments in "carbon credits" with Goldman Sachs and GE are also not questioned, he will become a billionaire overnight when cap and trade is passed.

The do as I say but not as I do is pathetic, he uses over 20 times the amount of energy the average fat joe uses, hypocracy at its finest but yet the media gives him a free pass.

Wake up America cause if you don't we'll all end up slaves to the Feds.