Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Barrier Reef 'will die' unless carbon emissions slashed - Telegraph
Australia's Great Barrier Reef will be severely bleached and eventually die unless the world's industrialised nations drastically cut carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent by 2050, a leading coral scientist has warned.
Australian Green Paper 'too late' to save Great Barrier Reef
LOL. We have been hearing about the impending doom of the Barrier Reef for decades -- since long before the global warming scare. They used to blame it on farming! The reef has been there through many climate changes in the past and it will still be there when all of the current crop of doomsters are dead. The scares are nothing more than childish attention-seeking behaviour. I get tired of reiterating it but the reef already thrives through a very large temperature range and it in fact flourishes most where the climate is warmest. Expect zero honesty from an attention-seeking Greenie.
Global warming treaty hits cold shoulder from world leaders, handing Obama a major defeat
President Obama and other world leaders confirmed today what others had been saying for months: The Copenhagen global warming treaty he has pushed is dead. The White House put the spin on it that it is being "delayed" but failed to explain why they think the circumstances will be any different later than they are now.
Investors.com - Asian Cold Water On Global Warming
Diplomacy: If there's good news from Saturday's APEC summit, it's Asia's ninja blow to a global climate pact in Copenhagen. The dynamic region recognized the economy-killer for what it was and refused to commit suicide.
Bandwagon fully loaded | Herald Sun
I'm sure it's not the fact that the world hasn't actually warmed since 2001 that's making so many people tell pollsters they now think this new warming faith is a scam.

No, I suspect that what's really turning people off are the characters who have scrambled on to this colossal green bandwagon. Thousands of alarmists, cranks, totalitarians, carpetbaggers, hypocrites and salvation seekers are now wailing that we're doomed, unless you pray to Gaia and hand over a little something. Like your savings.  [Via Climate Change Fraud]

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