Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Think Progress » Pawlenty Completes Science-Denying Metamorphosis, Now Refutes That Human Activity Causes Climate Change
Speaking to the Economist recently, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) told reporters that he questions the science underpinning climate change. Pawlenty explained that while the earth might be warming, it is unclear “to what extent that is the result of natural causes.”
Oct '07: Pawlenty, Steger make bond to slow changes to climate | StarTribune.com
Pawlenty called Steger, who lives in Ely, "a Paul Revere-like figure, issuing a call to action."
Flashback: Pawlenty's Record - WSJ.com
In April, Mr. Pawlenty delivered the remarks that probably best reveal his views on the environment. "It looks like we should have listened to President Carter," he told the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group. "He called us to action, and we should have listened. . . . Climate change is real. Human behavior is partly and may be a lot responsible. Those who don't think so are simply not right. We should not spend time on voices that say it's not real."
Video: With a nice, refreshing bottle of water close by, Sen Specter discusses global warming 
Trends in the Timing and Magnitude of Canadian Floods
With respect to flood magnitudes, the two scientists state that the trends they observed "are much more pronounced than the trends in the timing of the floods," but they say that most of these trends "had negative signs, suggesting that the magnitude of the annual maximum floods has been decreasing over the last three decades"

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