Monday, December 14, 2009

Skeptic's Corner: YouTube: CO2 Regulation: The Essensce of Immorality

C3: Satellite Data: Theory That CO2 Causes Positive Water Vapor Feedback, Which Then Boosts Temperatures Seems Not To Work
Another failure for the IPCC climate models and the overall CO2 AGW hypothesis that relies on a phantom positive feedback water vapor mechanism - the climate opera's at the curtain call and the phantom's AWOL.
Boris Johnson still believes: How banks can help to save the planet – and make a profit - Telegraph
With part of our minds, we may accept that we are in mortal danger. But we find it very hard to make the full imaginative leap. We may be told by thousands of scientists and environmentalists that we are about to fry – and we may be able to understand the case they make – but some deep instinct none the less urges us to believe, inductively, that things will go on more or less as they are. That is why the polls show such an amazingly obstinate public refusal to accept the reality of global warming. That is why there is still a market for thermoscepticism of all kinds. That is why people seize on a few stray emails from the University of East Anglia which seem – wrongly – to undermine the scientific case. And the scientists are not helped, above all, by the tone of voice with which the green movement chooses to hector the world.
Chu to Unveil $350-Million Plan to Spread Clean Energy - Dot Earth Blog -
COPENHAGEN — Marking the beginning of a second, more serious week of climate negotiations here, Energy Secretary Steven Chu plans to announce on Monday that a group of industrialized countries will spend $350 million over five years — including $85 million from the United States — to spread renewable and non-polluting energy technologies in developing countries.
Flashback: Globalist Hypocrites Arrive In Copenhagen for Summit
Elitists will scoff scallops, foie gras and sculpted caviar wedges, while lecturing the general public about how eating meat is harming the earth.

And while the climate crooks wag their finger at you for having the audacity to own an SUV, they will be running up a bill of over $200 million dollars, and guess who is going to be picking up the tab?

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