Monday, March 22, 2010

North Texas has near-record winter snowfall | Dallas | News from Fort Worth, Dallas, Arl...
It's official: North Texas had one of the snowiest winter seasons on record.

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth reported today that North Texas got 17.1 inches of snow this cold season, ranking it No. 2 behind the 1977-78 season which got 17.6 inches.
Reality is global cooling
Hardly anybody knows what "climate change" means. Most people who think they do know are wrong, for nobody has set them straight.

Climate change means "global cooling." It is the climate story of the 21st century, but receives hardly any press coverage.
Climate Change battle has been won « Cobourg Skeptic – Climate Change and Resources
As I said in an earlier article, the battle of climate change has been won as far as I am concerned. Let’s look at the facts...
However, given all this, there is no more I want to contribute on this subject so this blog will go off-line later this year (2010). Meanwhile, this will be the last post.

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