Saturday, March 27, 2010

UN climate change chief Rajendra Pachauri says sorry — and switches to neutral - Times Online
The outspoken chairman of the UN’s climate change body is to adopt a neutral advisory role and has agreed to stop making statements demanding new taxes and other radical policies on cutting emissions.
“It is not correct to say there are people who don’t trust me,” he said.

He admitted it had been a mistake to give the impression, in many interviews, that he was advocating specific actions to cut emissions. Last year, he called for higher taxes on aviation and motoring, said people should eat less meat, and proposed that hotel rooms should have electricity meters to charge people extra for using air conditioning.

Speaking in London yesterday, he said he would focus in future on presenting the science on climate change rather than advocating policies.
Dr Pachauri said he wanted more power over the IPCC secretariat and an extra $1million (£671,000) a year to fund its work, on top of the $5million it already receives. The IPCC is planning to recruit more spin-doctors to help it promote its work and defend itself against attacks by climate sceptics. Dr Pachauri said that at present the organisation is “terribly ill-equipped” to communicate with the world’s media.
Via Mr Euginides & Dizzy together with a plea that instead of celebrating Earth Hour (last year they called it Earth Day) by switching off all your lights (8.30pm on Saturday 27th March) we should celebrate Human Achievement Hour by keeping them on. My suspicion is that most people will do the latter & only the most useless & pretentious parts of government will do the former which seems appropriate. eg Zimbabwean children will hold a candlelit picnic & the WWF fakecharity are pushing it.

This orbital picture shows, in a way 1,000 words couldn't do, what is wrong with pure socialism & indeed Luddite "environmentalism". One may argue correctly that less pure socialism/Luddism we have in Britain is less destructive but that is an argument only that it is less horrible not that it is in any way good.
A Look at the Australian Climate Network: More Holes than a Swiss Cheese
As noted in the previous post, there are 32 RCS stations that have data missing from the beginning of the dataset. From this analysis, we see that there are 22 RCS stations that have data missing beyond the initial start date. Eight of these RCS stations are in the same list as the previous post, which means that there is a total of 46 RCS stations (or a staggering 44.6%) that have significant missing data.
Earth Hour 'will not cut carbon emissions' - Telegraph
A climate change campaign to get everyone to switch off their lights will not reduce carbon emissions, according to electricity experts.
Rajan's Take: Climate Change: Earth Hour: Sock it to WWF
Its such free publicity that enabled the WWF to raise $3.1 billion in just six years (2003-2008) or half a billion dollars a year on an average. This feat accords the WWF the status of one of the largest non-profit fundraiser in the world. But they are also the most sleazy one too. They project themselves as an animal rights defenders and committed particularly to the protection of endangered species. Using this carefully crafted brand image, they milked the issue of declining population of polar bears to the last drop. WWF attributed this decline to global warming by arguing that it restricted polar bear hunting of seals through a lack of sea ice which they use as a platform to hunt.

Their hysterical campaigns are based on such arguments that however undermined the findings of their own research. According to the WWF, about 20 distinct polar bear populations exist, accounting for approximately 22,000 polar bears worldwide. As the figure shows, population patterns do not show a temperature-linked decline.

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