Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As May looms, Al Gore and the obligatory snowstorm descend on New York

MediaPost Event - New York - Outfront Conference
Al Gore 4:45 PM | Tuesday, 27 Apr, 2010 | The Next Stage In Sustainable Advertising
The Associated Press: Spring snowstorm hits northern NY, New England
LAKE PLACID, N.Y. — A late-season storm is expected to dump up to a foot of snow across the hills and mountains of northern New York and Vermont before moving east into the rest of northern New England.


Tim Hulsey said...

Global Warming strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Remember, they claim that warming causes cooling and warming causes bigger weather swings, which is, if course, why our overall atmospheric energy around the world is low?

But, the models say . . . yawn . . .

Hey, the Arctic ice is right at (or even slightly above) the 1979-2006 average! Cool!

No, cold, at -15 deg C.

Anonymous said...

New York City does not equal Lake Placid.