Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Much of the time, as Jon Stewart interviews Lisa Jackson, he sounds like a climate realist

E.P.A. Makes Its Case on Climate Change - Green Blog - NYTimes.com
[Video: 6-minute interview.  Stewart: "The Earth doesn't come with a thermostat...Aren't we trying to engineer something we can't control?"]


Anonymous said...

Colbert's gimmick is to mock a stereotype of a right wing commentator. Any opinions expressed by his character are likely to be the exact opposite of his real opinions.

Jessie said...

Actually , as someone who has been on his show, Colberts "gimmick" is to make people laugh. He was funny on and off set, and I will gladly appear with him again as if you are strong enough, you will get your points out. Stephen will get the laughs though out of it, and will go wherever he feels the path to get the laugh takes him, so he is focused on doing that in character. My attitude in any venue get my message out, and if he makes me laugh, all the better. If I get a laugh, heh, thats gravy.

Joe Bastardi, chief hurricane and long range forecaster, accuweather.com