Thursday, May 20, 2010

AGW Believer Thanks Heartland for 'Warm' Welcome - Freedom Pub
Dr. Scott Denning, a climatologist from Colorado State University, praised The Heartland Institute for inviting him to its Fourth International Conference on Climate Change. Denning was among just two AGW advocates who accepted Heartland's invitation to speak. And Denning emphasized that he was glad he did.
World Climate Report » Another Rare Bird: Trumpeter Swan’s Story
[caption] Trumpeter swans thriving in a world of enriched CO2.
Cooling Fear of a Malaria Surge from Warming - Dot Earth Blog -
This paper is sure to please longtime critics of climate overstatement — reinforcing the reality that efforts to get attention that go beyond the science are bound to kick back.
[Flashack]: This silent suffering | Rajendra Pachauri | Comment is free | The Guardian
Third, and worse, climate change hides its influence among a wide range of today's key global problems. It impacts heavily on nutrition and diseases such as malaria, and increases poverty. But that impact can be lost among the many contributing factors.

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