Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Senate Climate Bill: A Last Chance for Cap and Trade - TIME
...even the White House in its statement of support managed to reference the bill by the wrong name, calling it the American Clean Energy and Security Act, the title of last year's House cap and trade bill.
Kerry has said his bill could be the last, best chance for cap and trade — but right now, it looks like it might just be the last.
Will John Kerry's Climate Legislation Save Us All from Certain Doom? A FAQ. - Climate Change - Gawker
...there's a good chance that no, nothing will happen this year, and 60 years from now, when you're huddled around the fire eating your one grandchild, you can tell your other grandchildren about the time you almost fixed the planet, but decided not to, because Lindsey Graham was feeling pouty that month.
Climate bill lacks support of GOP
...after six months of talks fell apart in recent weeks with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Mr. Kerry, D-Mass., and Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., were left standing with no Republicans in sight to promote their new compromise measure, a last-ditch effort to pass a comprehensive climate bill this year.
Energy Bill: Something for Everyone, Everything for No One - The Gaggle Blog -
Considering that the Kerry-Lieberman bill contains a little something for everyone, it’s likely to pass (although not without the obligatory food fight and face-saving charades that will morph the bills in minor ways).
Environmentalists, who have been holding their collective breath since Obama’s inauguration, weren’t exactly thrilled with the Kerry draft. Only a few hours after a draft leaked last night, the Center for Biological Diversity fired off a statement calling the bill “a disaster.” Friends of the Earth called it “a step backward.”


10ksnooker said...

Kerry has always been delusional.

Why not a high energy tax for no reason except to turn a recession into a depression.

Hugh said...

Based on the linked articles, it appears we have finally achieved a breakthrough - both alarmists and realists agree Lindsey Graham is a twit.

Unknown said...

There is a great 6 minute YouTube video on climate change. It is named "Global Warming Lies and Facts" and explains every lie that the Obama administration tells about global warming. Check it out at: