Thursday, July 08, 2010

Department of Energy turns out to be the Energy Hog | Grist
That's right, according to a rather embarrassing audit [PDF] of the department's own energy use, its offices have been leaking $2.2 million in electricity that could be powering 3,200 homes a year just because the DOE hasn't been willing to change the light bulbs. Nobody's perfect, of course, but really? Seriously? They got caught red-light-handed installing incandescent bulbs at all seven of the DOE sites audited.
C3: Last 12 Mths Ending June Is Coldest Since 1998; US Temps Cooling At -8.1°F Rate per Century
Despite June 2010 being one of the warmest U.S. Junes since 1895, the twelve-month period ending June 30 was tied (with 2001) as the coldest since 1998. Of course, the U.S. cooling trend will eventually revert to a warming trend, but the current decade-long plus global cooling trend has not yet abated, which has been a major surprise for all global warming alarmists. This trend has persisted since the super 1997-98 El NiƱo event.
Popular Rebuttal to "Flogging the Scientists"
Peter Sinclair AKA "Greenman" a cartoonist and Al Gore disciple has been hard at work creating YouTube videos that smear skeptics and their arguments. The following is a complete rebuttal to his "Flogging the Scientists" video.
Chamber of Commerce urges Senate to derail climate bill
OTTAWA — Canada's largest and most influential business organization has launched a lobbying campaign urging Canadian senators to kill legislation requiring the government to deliver a science-based plan to fight global warming and provide regular reports on its progress.

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