Thursday, July 08, 2010

More Californian insanity: Should it be illegal to produce devices that emit CO2?

Streetsblog San Francisco » Jack Fleck on Market Street, Muni, Global Warming and Traffic
[San Francisco's retired top traffic engineer, Jack Fleck] I guess the main point I drive home is that the atmosphere can only absorb about 8 billion tons of CO2. In about 15 years there'll be about 8 billion people, so really our goal should be no more than one ton per person, whereas our current level is about 20 tones. So I think what I try to drive home is, how big the reduction has to be and we really just have to get off of fossil fuels, and there was a good quote from Ken Caldeira, do you know who he is? He was a speaker at SPUR, and I was curious about him. He's from Stanford, he said 'I think we need to more or less make it illegal to produce devices that emit CO2 into the atmosphere. Our target should be zero emissions.'


Interstellar Bill said...

Why worry about an Iranian EMP attack when our own homegrown statist traitors would just as soon do the same? Their dictatorial anti-freedom green edicts are in effect their way of lobbing EMP attacks over all of civilization, in order to end it.

They are the true barbarians (i.e., a civilization-destroyer, whereas a savage is merely uncivilized).

Anonymous said...

Jack Fleck obviously knows almost nothing about CO2, CO2 atmospheric half-life, photosynthesis, gas laws, gas solubility, Beer's law, and Henry's Law. He can handle simple math, so sending him to the grocery store is probably safe. He can't screw that up TOO badly.

Someone should point out to him that without CO2, he would be dead.

Joe Olson said...

Jack Fleck is a 'device' that inhales 380 parts per million of
CO2 and EMITS 40,000 parts per million. Jack, do humanity a favor, go OFF yourself ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Now you know why all those highways were designed the way they were.

Anonymous said...

Why does the AGW crowd fight about reducing CO2 so much, if they just let us burn all the CO2 we want we should all be dead in a few years, after all that's what they really want -- no human beings on earth!