Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Innovative idea from WWF employee: In order to improve the weather experienced by our grandchildren, why not steal Saudi Arabia's nameplate, break it, and take photos of it in a toilet?

WWF - WWF deeply sorry for nameplate incident at climate [hoax] meeting
Gland, Switzerland, 28.07.10: Global environment organisation WWF apologised unreservedly for the actions of an employee who was involved in an incident at the June meeting of parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The incident was gravely offensive to the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the meeting as a whole. It involved the taking and distribution of offensive photographs featuring the official nameplate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Oxfam apologizes for incident at UN climate [scam] meeting | Oxfam International
An Oxfam employee was part of a discussion with two people from WWF that eventually led to one of the WWF employees taking the nameplate of Saudi Arabia. The nameplate was broken, put in a toilet bowl and photographs of it circulated around the convention center. The Oxfam employee did not take part in the act but was in the room when the nameplate was taken.
Flashback: Ruckus at climate [swindle] talks over vandalism of Saudi nameplate - World Report - World -
[June 11, 2010] UN climate talks in Bonn were rocked by angry outbursts on Friday after Saudi Arabia's conference nameplate was vandalised and its national flag was said to have been abused.

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