Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We need to talk about wind farms… – Telegraph Blogs
Alternative energy, let us never forget, is just that: an alternative to energy. Wind power and solar power are so risibly inefficient that the only way they can ever be economically viable is with lashings and lashings of taxpayer subsidy. Nuclear power would be much more effective but Huhne has effectively ruled it out. Why? Because in Huhne’s bizarre Weltanschauung, it’s OK for the taxpayer to subsidise low-carbon energy that doesn’t work (wind, solar) but not low-carbon energy that does work (nuclear).
Next Crisis: Water Consumption « P Gosselin – NoTricksZone
Climate journalism is like being at a third-world bazar where the media behave like merchants all shouting, pitching their catastrophe stories.

Die Welt’s recent piece From Proud Jordan River, To A Smelly Trickle (roughly translated) features the crisis of water consumption and the injustice of water’s uneven distribution. Now water needs to be redistributed, along with wealth and misery.
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: Silly Science
[Richard Tol] I don't know what it is with economists these days. Nick Stern used to be a smart guy. Michael Greenstone is really clever. Alan Krueger may win a Nobel Prize. Paul Krugman deserves three. Yet, confront them with climate change, and they start talking utter rubbish.

The silly PNAS paper makes three mistakes. First, it confuses decadal weather variability with climate change. Second, it fails to control for other determinants of migration that may well be correlated with weather during the sample. Third, they extrapolate beyond belief.

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