Monday, August 23, 2010

[Allegedly] Vanishing ice caps have "experts" worried - Environment -
"I think we'll have to get off this planet for glaciology to have a future," Thompson, a climate researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center said at an international symposium at Ohio State University.

His next surprise came just last month, when he and a crew of OSU researchers went to Papua New Guinea's largest ice cap to collect ice core samples.

The temperature was 50 degrees Fahrenheit when it should have been at least at the freezing point. [Wait a minute: How does that day's temperature qualify as climate, not weather?] Rain, not snow, fell on the crew.
About 100 people from 15 countries recently attended the International Glaciological Society symposium, said Ellen Mosley-Thompson, director of the Byrd Polar Research Center.

The society meets three to five times a year to share ideas and stories about glacier research, Mosley-Thompson said.

Jason Box, an OSU geologist and climate expert, said getting the "small community" of glacier researchers together on a regular basis is key to keeping the conversation going about disappearing ice caps.

"The whole science has changed in my short career," Box said. "It's so fast that even the scientists can't keep up with these changes."
Some questions: If these people seriously think that fossil-fueled travel is causing catastrophe, how can they possibly justify meeting in person three to five times a year?! Who is funding all of these meetings?  What information have they gathered that can't be shared over the Internet?  If the science is so settled, why are they constantly claiming to be stunned and surprised?

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"...The whole science has changed..."

..but it's settled now.