Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Climate fraudsters think you're stupid: Any cold period of less than three decades is airily dismissed as mere "weather", but now a single local heat wave, or even a single warm day somewhere, counts as "climate"?

Only In It For The Gold: Moscow Doesn't Believe in This
The formerly remarkable heat wave of 2001, then, is "the sort of thing we'll see more of" with global warming. But it may turn out reasonable, in the end, to say "the Russian heat wave of 2010 is the first disaster unequivocally attributable to anthropogenic climate change".
Wonk Room » Climate [Hoax] "Experts" Agree: Global Warming Caused Russian Heat Wave
Meteorologist Rob Carver, the Research and Development Scientist for Weather Underground, agrees. Using a statistical analysis of historical temperature records, Dr. Carver estimates that the likelihood of Moscow’s 100-degree record on July 29 is on the order of once per thousand years, or even less than once every 15,000 years — in other words, a vanishingly small probability. However, those tiny odds are based on the assumption that the long-term climate is stable, an assumption that is no longer true.

Like Dr. Tobis, Carver believes that manmade global warming has fundamentally altered weather patterns to produce the killer Russian heat wave. “Without contributions from anthropogenic climate change,” Carver said in an email interview with the Wonk Room, “I don’t think this event would have reached such extremes or even happened at all”:
Relentless heat wave roasts Russia - Capital Weather Gang
According to the 1941 Yearbook of Agriculture, the historic high-temperature record for Moscow is 100 degrees, not 99. The Yearbook notes a "35-year" record period [from 1940], indicating that records date back to 1905. The 1941 Yearbook of Agriculure "Climate and Man" is a good source for old U.S. and international weather records.

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