Thursday, August 12, 2010

KALEITA: Environmentalist turns to e-bullying - Washington Times
After many years of trying to resolve the issue privately, the agri-chemical company Syngenta - the maker of atrazine - recently released the text of some of the e-mails it has been receiving from Mr. Hayes, going back to 2002. The professor's studies and findings are barely mentioned in his e-mails. Instead, the e-mails are obscene, threatening and sexually explicit. They show a megalomaniacal streak in which Mr. Hayes consistently speaks not of his research, but of his personal power and prowess.

Perhaps Mr. Hayes feels that in his efforts to promote a ban on atrazine, any kind of activity is justified. However, harassment, threats and obscenities are never appropriate. It is especially troubling from a member of the active scientific community, upon whose judgment others - including the public - rely in reading and acting on research results.
Gore Not Gracious in Defeat - HUMAN EVENTS
While the call was no doubt a schadenfreude moment for the skeptics who have been savagely attacked by Gore over the years, cap-and-traders (greens and rent-seeking businesses) have not quit the fight for cap-and-trade and are regrouping for fall and lame duck congressional efforts.
Al Gore talks environment in Manila - CEI
[June 2010] A 30-minute window for a Q&A discussion was integrated into the programme. Attendees were asked to write their questions on sheets of paper that were collected by the ushers. This ensured that the discussion time was maximised by filtering out any questions that were unrelated to climate change.

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