Thursday, August 12, 2010

New troubles for revamped ‘clean coal’ project - The Hill's E2-Wire
A long-troubled federal project to demonstrate the viability of capturing carbon from coal-fired power plants and socking it away underground has hit a new snag.

The town of Mattoon, Illinois wants no part of the Energy Department’s revised “FutureGen” project after seeing its role in the program change and shrink.
Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug. 12th 2010 « The Daily Bayonet
A Democrat wants skeptics put on ice, NOAA nuked Wisconsin and the Chinese are pretty sure global warming is a Western plot against the developing world.
Is Al Gore Sane Enough to Stand Trial? | MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory
Al Gore’s bogus green enterprises have pulled in some major public funding based on fraudulent claims; leading to the suggestion that he may eventually stand trial. There’s something more. In his obsessive lectures, it seems he’ll not be content until he’s destroyed the economy and forced his political enemies, those who he credits for bringing his 2000 presidential dreams to an end, to their knees.

Is it a simple kind of Napoleon complex? Or is there something psychologically deeper? Will he be allowed to stand trial if Senate investigations lead to indictments?
I thought again about what he’s been doing, obsessively, for several years. He’s made the effort, semi-successfully, to build a vast army of ding-bats to spread his message and do battle with his mortal enemies; including some that can’t defend themselves, like carbon dioxide. The “vast army” is actually smaller than he’d like to imagine and the most involved are actually paid mercenaries, some on his own payroll.
A lying politician? Perhaps so. But for years he’s been begging us to believe that he believes. A cry for help? Maybe that’s true too. If he is indicted, I’m not betting against an order for a psychological evaluation.

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