Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remember when we told you that global warming causes *warmer* winters in London? We meant global warming causes *colder* winters in London

With All This Global Warming, Why is it So Cold? - Planet Change | Inspiring people to learn about climate change and take action
This warm Arctic-cold continents pattern is likened to leaving the refrigerator door open. The room gets colder but the fridge warms up.
And as the globe continues to warm, we in DC and our counterparts in London might just need to get used to frigid winters.

Eric Haxthausen is director of U.S. Climate Policy for The Nature Conservancy.
[Current temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska: -36 F]
Flashback: Warning over rise in UK's most dangerous spider due to warmer winters | Mail Online
There is no doubt in my mind that this is due to the milder winters caused by global warming," he said.

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Jim Macdonald said...

First- Global Warming
Then-Climate Change
Then-Climate Disruption
Now!-Weather Change