Friday, December 03, 2010

Upstate N.Y. digs out after big snowstorm shuts down major highway -
(CNN) -- As the snow finally wound down, drivers and residents in and around Buffalo, New York, continued to dig out from a storm that dumped up to three feet of snow and shut down a major highway.

Some motorists spent as much as 20 hours stranded on Interstate 90, as emergency personnel worked to dig their vehicles out despite continued and concentrated precipitation and up to six-foot high drifts.
Mercury busts charts; 2010 in top 3 hottest years -
Warming temperatures are "making it harder for people to survive," said Oxfam International.
Aug. 2010: Peru declares state of emergency amid plunging temperatures | World news | The Observer
Peru has declared a state of emergency after hundreds of children died from freezing conditions that have seen temperatures across much of the South American country plummet to a 50-year low. In 16 of Peru's 25 regions, temperatures have fallen below -24C.

Reports from the country say 409 people, most of them children, have already died from the cold, with temperatures predicted to fall further in coming weeks.

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