Friday, February 11, 2011

UC Berkeley professor criticizes warmists Al Gore and Tom Friedman

Professor Counters Global Warming Myths With Data - The Daily Californian
Global warming is the favored scapegoat for any seemingly strange occurrence in nature, from dying frogs to hurricanes to drowning polar bears. But according to a Berkeley group of scientists, global warming does not deserve all these attributions. Rather, they say global warming is responsible for one thing: the rising temperature.
"There are the skeptics - they're not the consensus," Muller explained. "There are the exaggerators, like Al Gore and Tom Friedman who tell you things that are not part of the consensus ... (which) goes largely off of thermometer records."

Some scientists who fear that their results will be misinterpreted as proof that global warming is not urgent, such as in the case of Climategate, fall into a similar trap of exaggeration.

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study was conducted with the intention of becoming the new, irrefutable consensus, simply by providing the most complete set of historical and modern temperature data yet made publicly available, so deniers and exaggerators alike can see the numbers.


Leonard Weinstein said...

I agree with all the professors say except that they do not quantify the amount of warming due to human activity. I think it has been order of 0.2 C to 0.3 C at most, due to CO2 and methane and land use, but the rest of the warming is likely recovery from the LIA and some error due to bad data. Since about half of the indicated warming occurred before CO2 and methane had increased much, it is almost certain the human component is not much larger than that. If that is so, there is no problem at all.

Anthony Hanwell said...

The new study is going to be the "irrefutable" temperature record eh?

After Anthony Watts showed just how many temperature recording stations were in dodgy locations (next to air conditioners or aircraft runways etc) it can only be a rehash of dodgy data.

FirkinRidiculous said...

A great deal of fuss about very little. The professor's already told us what the conclusion's gonna be: about half a degree of warming over the last century. Does he really think that fact alone is the source of the controversy?

BuzzLOL said...

.. Sure, 1/2 of global warming occurred before human industrialization appeared on the scene, but that's NOT the worry, that was thousands of years... the concern is that the other 1/2 occurred in the BRIEF period AFTERWARDS and is accelerating rapidly now...!!!