Thursday, May 26, 2011

Et tu, pistachios? How climate change will mess with trail mix | Grist
It turns out that crisp apples, chewy almonds, ripe plums, and a host of other nuts and stone fruits might become much more costly to grow -- or not grown at all in some spots -- because of rising winter temperatures, according to a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS One.
...climate solutions can boost economies and create jobs.

I personally try to do my part by taking the bus and riding my bike to work, and choosing to buy energy-efficient products.
Robert Lalasz is the director of science communications at The Nature Conservancy.
Harsh winter depletes antelope numbers - Daily Inter Lake: Featured Story
this year hunters should expect slimmer pickings due to high mortality from a brutal winter in Eastern Montana.
The Glasgow area was pounded by a record total snowfall of 108 inches — the previous high was 70 inches — with devastating effects on mule deer and antelope.

Spring survey flights confirmed that about 1,000 antelope, crowded along railroad tracks, were killed by trains over the winter. More were killed on rural roads and many succumbed to the deep snow, unable to find forage. | news | sa news | Cold snap surprises SA
Although snow may not have fallen elsewhere, South Africans made it known that they were "#freezing", with the word being the third biggest Twitter trend in the country for the day. Other trends included "#chilly", "#fridge","brrr" and "#heater".

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