Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ruling alters climate-papers fight - Washington Times
“I want to look at what they’ve given us and examine what they’ve withheld and see why its been withheld,” Mr. Marshall told The Washington Times. “The more they stonewall, the more theyre making Richard Nixon look like a choirboy.”
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So Bob Ward says that the intention is to trawl through scientists work and find errors. He obviously doesn't like the idea. There is a name for the process of looking for errors in someone else's work whosoever does it.

Bob. It's called science.
Dear Climatologists

It is very simple.

My taxes have been used to pay you to collect data on my behalf. If you do not feel able to allow me access to that data, I feel no need to continue paying you.

What you do on your own time is yours. But what you do on my dime is mine.



Bob Armstrong said...

What hubris to think your dime is yours .

Anonymous said...

Just stop paying the taxes and let those assholes starve!