Friday, May 27, 2011

It's all so confusing: Decades-old garbage on Everest gets buried by snow, then allegedly uncovered by CO2-induced heating, now buried again by snow as temperatures fall below -30 C

Fresh snow spoils plan to pick trash from Everest -
Fresh snow and unpredictable weather hampered efforts to pick tons of trash left behind by climbers on the slopes of Mount Everest, the veteran mountain guide who led the cleaning crew said Friday.

"The new snow covered the garbage and it was difficult to collect trash in the higher altitude," the guide, Apa, told reporters upon his return to the Nepalese capital of Katmandu. Apa, like most Sherpas, use only one name.
[21 May 2011] According to the weather network, it has been snowing in Everest Base Camp and above and the temperature falls below -30 Degrees Celsius at night. The garbage on the mountain has been covered by snow after the snow fall making the collection difficult.
2010: Everest Expedition To Clean World's Highest Garbage Dump : TreeHugger
Climate change is also changing the face of Everest, thanks to rapidly disappearing glaciers and snows. "The garbage was buried under snow in the past. But now it has come out on the surface because of the melting of snow due to global warming," says Sherpa. "The rubbish is creating problems for climbers ... Some items of garbage are from Hillary's time."

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