Friday, May 27, 2011

Maybe he DOES read Climate Depot now: Newly-minted climate realist Newt speaks for several minutes on climate change

New Hampshire Primary 2012: Green: Newt Gingrich answers climate change question (Video)
It may well be that it is dramatically less expensive to adjust to a change in climate than it is to stop the entire planet from changing.

Now, if you were a left wing intellectual, climate change is the newest excuse to take control of lives and you want a new bureaucracy to run our lives on behalf of the newest thing. But remember, in the mid-1970’s there was a cover of Newsweek and Time that says we’re in the age of a brand new glacial period and they had a cover of the Earth covered in ice. This is the 1970’s. Now many of those scientists are still alive and they were absolutely convinced. I mean, if Al Gore were able to in the 1970’s we would build huge furnaces to warm the planet against this inevitable coming Ice Age.

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1984 said...

What a joker, he knew the truth all along it's not like "uh I'm gonna research this cause I want people to like me". He's a big scam-bag trash. You gotta be a gullible fool if you change you're mind and buy he's flip-flopping.