Saturday, July 09, 2011

“Coldest autumn for Australia since at least 1950″ | Real Science

LA Times Says That Record Snow In Montana Is Due To Global Warming – Caused By Burning Oil | Real Science
Brilliant research on the part of the LA Times. The entire Pacific Northwest has been far below normal temperatures this year, and the last three months was the coldest April-June in over 50 years.
Obama Auto Czar: “I Did This All for the Unions” - By Henry Payne - Planet Gore - National Review Online
Ouch. Yes, Bloom and his boss, President Obama, “did this all for the unions.”

The smoking gun is on the table. And the White House’s we-saved-the-auto-industry campaign slogan is shot.
U.N. Security Council to Take Up Climate Change: Scientific American
Attitudes toward bringing up climate change at the Security Council have changed dramatically in the past few years, and advocates of council action say the tide has turned from strong opposition to possible action on the matter.
Climate change forces early spring in Alberta, Canada
ScienceDaily (July 7, 2011) — Spring is hailed as the season of rebirth, but if it comes too early, it can threaten the plants it is meant to welcome.

A University of Alberta study shows that climate change over the past 70 years has pushed some of the province's native wildflowers and trees into earlier blooming times, making them more vulnerable to damaging frosts, and ultimately, threatening reproduction.

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