Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Did Wolverines Survive The Record Snow In The West? | Real Science
Last year we were told that wolverines were doomed because there isn’t enough snow any more.
Neil Wallis and the Ben Webster Article « Climate Audit
The obvious question: who was Webster’s “source close to the investigation” who said that the emails “were held back for weeks after being stolen so that their release would cause maximum damage to the Copenhagen climate conference”. Was it Wallis or someone connected to him? One doesn’t expect Webster to give up his “source” but equally it seems pretty likely that Webster’s story was related to Outside Organisation’s “covert” operations on behalf of the university.
The Reference Frame: Australia: convoy of no confidence
Those AUD 23 per ton of carbon dioxide isn't lethal but it is an experiment testing how easy it is to screw the Australian citizens. If an extra AUD 23 fee for a ton of hot air may be adopted, maybe even more ambitious taxes may be added and increased in the future as well.

However, some citizens of Australia have decided that the answer has to be No. People have to show that they're already fed up with this initial tax - as a matter of principle - and they will bring their trucks to Canberra and, possibly, bring the traffic in the capital they helped to build to a halt.
Obama’s ‘green jobs’ fizzle | Wizbang
One of the most disastrous policy areas for the Obama Administration has been its propensity toward “leveling the playing field” by picking winners (good guys) and losers (villains), and then rewarding the winners with government largess. Unfortunately, many of the winning ideas chosen by the Obama Administration are concepts that have consistently proven to be inefficient, very costly, and incapable of living up to their promises. The most prominent of these failed ideas is ‘green energy’.

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