Tuesday, October 11, 2011

U.S. is freaking out over tiny E.U. carbon tax on air travel | Grist
The E.U. says the extra charge won't be more than $10 per ticket, but an air industry group says it could be more like $45.
Are biofuel flights good news for the environment? | Leo Hickman | Environment | guardian.co.uk
To rely solely on second-hand cooking oil seems complete folly.
Cold weather may have contributed to death
The Chief Deputy Coroner says hypothermia may have contributed to the death. The victim was part of a group of six who had crossed the border illegally Thursday night. Sergeant Garcia says it appears the group spent 8-10 hours in the All American Canal, waiting for their ride. Garcia said the cold weather that night made the water very cold.
Twitter / @richardabetts: @mims @mtobis Over-simplif ...
@mims @mtobis Over-simplifying climate messages *does* lead to bad decisions. UK was caught out by cold winter because milder ones expected.

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