Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Warmist Dessler: "no scientists believe Spencer's work"

Climate debate reaches A&M - The Battalion - Texas A&M
"Every month, hundreds of papers come out that are either explicitly or implicitly in agreement with mainstream climate theory that humans are in the driver's seat of the climate and that future warmings could be really large," Dessler said. "And those papers don't get any traction in the media. But then a handful of papers published every year by hard-core skeptics do get a lot of traction because there's a huge sympathetic media for those papers."
Dessler said someone needed to refute Spencer's article because of the media traction it gained.

"It was necessary for me to write my paper because even though no scientists believe Spencer's work, it was important to get a rebuttal out there so that policy makers wouldn't be able to trumpet this," Dessler said.

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