Sunday, December 11, 2011

I wonder if anyone could by lying here: Durban was allegedly an incredible, planet-saving success, and it was also a monumental, planet-killing flop

Durban climate change: last minute talks produce 'historic deal to save the planet' - Telegraph

Mate Nkoana-Mashabane, the president of the conference and South Africa’s
foreign minister, said the longest UN climate change meeting in history, was
a roller coaster.

We have saved planet earth for the future of our children and our great grand
children to come. We have made history,” she said.

...Samantha Smith, of WWF International, said the compromise had watered down the
deal to such an extent it became almost meaningless.

"They haven't reached a real deal," she said. "They watered
things down so everyone could get on board."

Twitter / @BBCRBlack: Still not sure I understan ...

Still not sure I understand the last hour of procedure If it matters, we are sure to find out the hard way

A Durban Deal | Mother Jones

Nor was there a clear decision on the existing Kyoto Protocol, the first commitment period of the treaty ends in Dec. 2012. The text calls for an extension until either 2017 or 2020, but leaves a decision on the date for next year. And while it moves the creation of a Green Climate Fund to help poor nations both cut emissions and adapt to climate change forward, it does not include any decisions about how to put money in the fund. Several countries, including Russia and Nicaragua, lodged complaints about the last-minute decisions and that their concerns with the text had not been addressed.

"Over the past 17 years, they've kicked the big issues down the road," said Samantha Smith, leader of the global climate and energy initiative at the World Wildlife Fund International. "The hardest issues are still on the table."

The Associated Press: Climate conference approves landmark deal

"The good news is we avoided a train wreck," said Alden Meyer, recalling predictions a few days ago of a likely failure. "The bad news is that we did very little here to affect the emissions curve."

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Here at talks: the outcome of Durban leaves us with the prospect of being legally bound to a world of 4C warming says

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ends grimly with polluters on top:

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reaction to deal: “Negotiators have sent a clear message to the world’s hungry: ‘Let them eat carbon,’

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