Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Global Warming Could Melt Valentine’s Day Favorites | ThinkProgress

Another holiday, another ‘news hook’ for global warming impacts.  ClimateNexus has put together a nice graphic on how global warming impacts some Valentine’s Day favorites

The Reference Frame: Some alarmists are waiting for skeptics to die off

What I find amusing is the complete detachment of these lunatics from reality. The world population growth is comparable to 1 percent per year; in recent years, however, the number of skeptics grew by more than 10 percent a year when it pretty much doubled over the period of several years. It's really the alarmist fanatics who are dying off; the climate alarmist movement is thankfully regaining the original status of a fringe clique of psychologically unstable cranks and conspiracy theorists.

The Big-Freeze: Thousands trapped in Europe as death toll rises to 600 « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t recall seeing many headlines over the last week about this phenomenal cold. Now if 600 had died from a heat wave we’d all know that an oil pipeline was to blame.

Quote of the week – “The Noble Savage” | Watts Up With That?

Human beings have not, can not, and never will live in harmony with nature. Our prosperity and health depend on technology driven by energy. We exercise our intelligence to command nature, and were admonished by Francis Bacon to exercise our dominion with “sound reason and true religion.” When we are told that our primary energy source, oil, is “making us sick,” or that we are “addicted” to oil, these are only the latest examples of otherwise rational persons descending into gibberish after swooning to the lure of the Noble Savage. This ignorant exultation of the primitive can only lead us back to the Stone Age.

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