Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Paper “Search For Information In 133 years Of California Snowfall Observations” By Christy 2012 | Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.

more than 130 years of snow data show that over time snowfall in California is neither increasing nor decreasing.

Alcoa shelves $3 billion project over carbon tax fears | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

The slow collapse of Rudd’s great carbon capture scheme | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

The colossal sums wasted so far on the global warming scare almost beggar belief. What’s made the waste worse is that a Kevin Rudd comes along and finds a cause as grand as his personal ambitions ... and as his propensity to spend.

Arctic air mass freezes Mississippi with temps as low as 13 degrees - Jackson Weather | Examiner.com

Climate Change Dispatch - Because the debate is not over

there is good reason to not be too concerned about long-term changes in climate possibly harming earth's corals. They apparently have the ability to handle whatever nature may throw at them in this regard.

The Blackboard » GISTemp Anomaly: January lower than December.

The trend since 2001 is 0.006C/dec a decade and is positive but below the nominal multi-model mean trend of 0.2C/dec. If we use “red noise” to model the residuals from a linear fit, and test the hypothesis that the true trend is 0.2C/decade we would reject the a trend of 0.2C/decade as false based on falling outside the 2-σ confidence intervals.

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