Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pakistan: Children won't know what tomatoes, melons, barley, corn, bananas, or mangos look like

Frost hits vegetable crops in Sindh

KARACHI: Freezing cold and frost has destroyed swathes of Rabi crops and vegetables in Sindh, a grower said on Tuesday.

Sindh saw below zero temperature after several years. The frost froze and damaged thousands of acres of tomato, melons, barley, and corn crops and the flowering buds on the banana and mango trees.

General Secretary Sindh Abadgar Board Syed Mehmood Nawaz Shah told The News that only major crop of Rabi wheat would benefit from the frost, but other minor crops would receive major damage. “Hundreds of acres of tomato and melon have perished,” he said. Melon and tomato turn to solid ice at low temperature.

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