Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Peter Gleick Confesses « Climate Audit

[Steven Mosher comment] Let me tell you exactly how this happened.

Steve mcintyre called me. I was busy working on BEST. I had already posted my theory on Lucias.

He asked me if I had done what I normally do, which is look for high entropy words/phrases.

I said no. Honestly I had only skimmed the document and thought it was fake and figure it was Gleick. I had already posted my theory. Steve sent along one of Gliecks tweets. And he asked me to read the document a second time.

On the phone I read it to him giving my thoughts as I read. I noted the odd use of parenthesis and the lousy use of commas. Then I read the sentence above and told steve ” this sentence was not written by the person who wrote the rest”. With steve listening, I tried to explain why the style was different..and then I just googled the shit.

Basically, whoever wrote this didnt know Gleick well enough to write a bio in his own words, so he cribbed it from heartland’s web page. For me, that points away from an insider and not toward one. After all, according to this memo Wojick is at the center of the strategy with Gleick. Hard to imagine an insider who knows so little that they have to copy a bio.

Peter Gleick Confesses « Climate Audit

[bill comment] Small time academic hires “top Democrat operative Chris Lehane” whose services, I presume, do not come cheap. So who’s funding Gleicke? Shouldn’t we be told?

Peter Gleick Confesses « Climate Audit

[Steven Mosher comment] lets see.

According the Gleick he is sent a document. That document gets most the facts largely correct. Down to the dollars that Singer earned.

So that person has access to the documents. The real numbers. That is how

they can write the document.

And That person decides the best evidence to send Gleick is a memo?

undated, unsigned.. and leaves Gleick to find the supporting documentation?

MAKES NO SENSE, unless that person were trying to trick Gleick, BUT if they were trying to trick him they would have sent him a MORE FAKE document.

A: you have to believe an insider with access to the real docs, sends Gleick the worst evidence.

B: you have to beleieve in a really stupid trickster

C: gleick wrote it.

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